The Order of the Gilded Light

The Light of Talos is said to have created existence, infusing the universe at its inception. Talos, the Light of Salvation, created Life and shepherds it through scripture and texts. Belief in the omnipotent Talos allows for stability and security, justice and salvation for the faithful. As the mortal shell perishes, the spirit joins the Light of Talos to help protect and empower the living worshipers.

Through discipline, sacrifice, and loyalty believers of the Gilded Light uphold their Tenets and Sacrements. Lying and cheating are prohibited. The faithful are taught never to steal or commit murder; to honor thy brother, obey the law of the land, and never fall to lasciviousness. Trust in the Light and Talos shall reward!

The Order of the Gilded Light, the collective clerical and militant arms of the religion, are divided into three schools: Monastic, Sacerdotal, and Palatium.

Monastic: Isolated in monasteries the monks of the Gilded Light are rarely seen outside of their enclaves but are elite warriors of the faith. Choosing to employ the scripture as their armor, they carry their weapons in the name of Talos. Wearing cloth or leather, the lightly encumbered monk is able to swiftly and deftly strike down the foes of the Light.

Sacerdotal: Priests of the Gilded Light are sent at a young age to Seminar and are instructed how to hold service as well as cast powerful spells. Through their intense study of scripture and magical practice, priests of Talos can learn to easily heal entire chambers of believers, command powerful spells against agents of Chaos, and even return slain followers to life.

Palatium: Knights of the Temple of the Gilded Light are warriors of the faith that have dedicated their lives to fighting for Talos. Paladins, official officers of court, are instructed alongside the priesthood in matters of state or diplomacy. Trained in all types of martial combat and engagement, they study and all of its many moving parts. Wearing shining plated armor, gold and crimson, the colors of the Faith, they are fearsome opponents yet champions to believers.

The Order of the Gilded Light

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