Ordained of Iustia

The goddess Iustia is a lawful neutral deity and goddess of Law, Legislation, Harvest and Fertility. One of the largest religions across all the continents, followers of the Iustia, the Ordained, have splintered into a few main sects (Eston or Habbinoc, Vilvardic, and Orthodox).

Common themes in the practice of Ordained are: Verse of Law, the Harvest, Bounty of Life, and the Penitent. Most Ordained are strictly adherent to authority, generally all laws and rules, and follow a caste system that includes justifications for its slavery. Members of different castes are forbidden from marriage and Penitent are socially stigmatized.

The Estons, under Emperor Lavian, have continued their devout worship of Iustia and regularly hold festivals in the Habbinoc tradition. As with all sects the courts hold a sacred place in society and to be part of the legal process is of the highest calling. Judges, priests, officers and knights of the court are prestigious positions in society. To ensure justice is meted efficiently throughout the country, Estons employ Adjudicators. Powerful clergy, trained in the Verse of Law as much as military combat, Adjudicators are vested with the power to hold court, render judgment, and maintain the peace.

Vilvardic is the most common sect dedicated to Iustia and incorporates all the aspects of their goddess. Where Orthox and Estons focus primarily on the Verse of Law, Vilvardic hold the sacred Harvest and Bounty of Life on equal terms to the discipline of legislation. Followers in the Vilvardic tradition are less likely to hold legal slaves, the Penitent, and are more given to the Bounty of Life and it’s endless fruits.

Orthodox Ordained strictly obey the rules and law of Iustia and believe in “Justice above all”. Smallest of the major sects, Orthodox are typically stoic individuals who take great pains in exacting their speech and written word. No messages or missives, public announcements, speeches or conversations are held without deliberate care to the words and meanings used. Honor and reputation are paramount and transgressions are dire. Orthodox Ordained are excellent readers of law and make for fantastic judges, able to remain entirely neutral in a disagreement or conflict between parties.

Ordained of Iustia

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