The Faccir

The shaman clan lead by Ooryn, worshipers of the The Elemental Forces, and a nomadic people that revere nature. Harnessing the power of herbs, roots, and some basic-level alchemy the people of the Faccir hold sacred the land, sky, and water around them.

Faccir, literally translates as “spiritwalker” and some few of the clan are able to separate their spirits from their corporeal bodies and walk in the physical world. Appearing like ghosts these spiritwalkers are able to walk alongside their allies and channel powers of the Forces; healing and benefiting allies.

Giving particular credence to the Forces Mithoc, K’vox, Ushedi, Rotama, Boaz’Dan, and Beillon, the Faccir followed Ooryn in his dream-quest to learn the primal blood-rage magic and teach it to the combined tribes of Thord. The united barbarian army coupled with the shamanistc practices of the Storm Wolf Clan was enough to overcome the efforts of several nations.

With the death of Ooryn at Montable, the clan was split between those who wished to remain with Hemance and the barbarian horde and those who had enough of war and death and wished once more for peace. Led by Nuk’talla, daughter of Ooryn, the Faccir in search of their roots traveled northeasterly in secret, away from the torn path they traveled…and the lives they’ve ruined.

The Faccir

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