Black hair, brown eyes. Clean shaven but keeps a scruffy, mop of hair. 6’, Lean and muscular. Dedicated, Rustiver holds to a regiment of working out each day to stay in peak shape. Wears a long, dark brown coat to hide as much of himself as he can but underneath is chainmail and leather armor. Long sword at his side, he still carries the law-book of his faith but the locket has remained closed.


Born to a religious, lower-middle class family of merchants, Rustiver was never satisfied with the day-to-day bustle and homogeneity of city life. Drawn to fighting and sparring in the neighborhood, he grew to enjoy physical exertion and rarely went a day without running through the neighborhood at least twice.

One day in his youth, Rustiver’s father took him to a public trial. The man was accused of killing several people and the ensuing manhunt to capture him had sent shockwaves through his entire Quarter of the city. The crazed, rabid-looking man bayed at the court, the judge, and people. He was an outsider and behaved by some mysterious, unknowable rules to Rustiver.

Months later, his father also took him to the condemned man’s execution and he always remembered the way the man’s feet dangled in the air as he body hung from the rope. As the man perished, from his loosened fist fell a pendant. Bright jade, in-laid in platinum, the gem dazzled young Rustiver. As if he in a trance he stared at the jewel, shining in the mud, until the corpse, cut loose from above, slammed onto it. It started the boy and his father led him away.

The two events had created a fascination of Law and a deep respect for Habbinoc tradition. A belief system of strict adhere to the laws and authority of Iustia, goddess of justice. When he was of age he entered the Apprenta and internalized the martial, legal, and magical knowledge. Graduating with honors he was hand-selected by Grophen to join his ranks as an adjudicator.

Tasked with delivering and enforcing Eston and Habbinoc law, Rustiver traveled all over the country and as far away as the mainland. Grophen as his teacher, the two developed a strong friendship, and his dedication and discipline earned even the respect of Geraad, Knight-Commander of the Eston Knights. Together the borders of the empire grew and strengthened.

Under advisement from Archbishop Benitum, Emperor Lavian ordered a vast force of adjudicators and knights north. Rustiver, Grophen, Geraad, and countless others were ordered north on a campaign that saw them siege and capture Fort Mangrove and the city of Mhavo.

It was at Mhavo that Benitum’s grand design was revealed. Uncovering an ancient, powerful artifact, Benitum touched the stone of the large, levitating sphere only to lose his connection and control over magic. Severed from the powerful magic of Iustia, Benitum became obsessed and ordered every man, woman, and child in Mhavo to likewise touch the stone.

For a number of days Rustiver aided in the violent atrocity that robbed the Mhavian people of their magic. Many died at the severance and Rustiver became horrified. Unable to continue, Rustiver clandestinely met with Grophen and then fled east into the night.

“I drink to forget the things I’ve done.”

“I wear my book like a badge of shame but I do still take comfort from it.”


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